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Breaker One-Nine, this is Francesc: developer and educator, over.
What do I do? Full-stack developer dedicated to shaping the future of education through technology.
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Get to know me

Boy Scout since childhood

Boy Scouting has been a lifelong journey, with the last three years spent volunteering as an instructor. The scout values are a key part of my identity.

Colorblind, but with an eye for style

Driven by a love for simplicity and elegance. Minimalism is a favorite, always aiming to design beautiful and intuitive user interfaces.

Advanced English, native Catalan and Spanish

Fluent in Catalan and Spanish with English skills proudly recognized at a C1 Advanced level by Cambridge English.

My goals

Technology as a means to an end

Seeing technology as more than just tools; it's about solving problems and enhancing lives. A fervent advocate for education and the ways technology can elevate both its accessibility and efficacy.

Interdisciplinarity is key

Combining varied perspectives and knowledge domains often yields the best solutions. Truly understanding user needs demands a holistic approach.

My latest work experience

Full-stack Software Developer

Doctodata S.L. July 2023 - Present


  • Implemented good practices including Git, Semantic Versioning, Java Application testing, and Password Management Software.
  • Advanced web development and integration of ChatGPT API.
  • Led multiple Alfresco software implementation projects.
  • Mentored two interns successfully.


  • Gained expertise in project management and team leadership.
  • Maintained and updated legacy Java projects.
  • Developed proficiency in databases, user authentication, and web development with Nuxt 3, TailwindCSS, Vue, and Supabase (PostgreSQL).
  • Enhanced knowledge in Alfresco, B2B strategies, and records management.

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Full-stack Software Developer (Freelance)

Media Arts Studio April 2024 - Present


  • Overhauled and modernized a full-stack web application for dubbing project management, focusing on enhancing user interface and experience.
  • Engineered a web app solution to optimize SRT subtitle matching across various media projects, improving accuracy and workflow.


  • Advanced my proficiency in Vue, Nuxt 3, and Supabase (PostgreSQL), deepening my understanding of CSS frameworks like Tailwind for cutting-edge web development.

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Collaboration Scholarship

Centre de Recerca i Estudis pel Desenvolupament Organitzatiu January 2023 - July 2023


  • Played a key role in a Ministry project, codifying interviews focused on intergenerational learning in universities.
  • Participated in the EDO Congress 2023.


  • Acquired skills in university research and qualitative data analysis (interview codification).
  • Fostered collaborative relationships with university professors.

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Full-stack Software Developer (Freelance)

Media Arts Studio June 2022 - April 2023


  • Designed and implemented a comprehensive full-stack web app for managing dubbing projects (movies and series).
  • Innovated a solution for auto-generating Excel reports, enhancing daily project tracking efficiency.


  • Developed expertise in React, MongoDB, CSS, Tailwind, and Webpack for advanced web application development.

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My projects

EdgeDB Graph screenshot

EdgeDB Graph (EdgeDB x Vercel Hackathon)

Plot mathematical expressions and searches for similar ones using RAG and AI technology.

Tools used

EdgeDB Nuxt.js Vercel math.js Vueclid TailwindCSS TypeScript
minqda screenshot


The streamlined open-source solution for qualitative data analysis.

Tools used

Vue Nuxt.js Supabase PostgreSQL TailwindCSS TypeScript VueUse
Emociones TAC screenshot

Emociones TAC

A self assessment tool to identify you current emotional status.

Tools used

React Vite Chart.js Survey.js TypeScript
Sudoku solver screenshot

Sudoku solver

Backtracking-based automatic solving with visual demonstrations.

Tools used

Vue Nuxt.js VueUse TailwindCSS TypeScript
I'll be adding more projects as I go!

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